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MARCH 2016: 2nd of two new promo videos is available now. Check out 'Indigo' HERE!


FEB 2016: 1st of 2 new singles / videos is released today. Check out 'Dead Letter's' HERE!


Happy new year to you all! The new album 'Everything's Fine' has made a few 'best of 2015' lists..



Mr Powerpop himself, David Bash has included our new album 'Everything's Fine' in his 'best albums of 2015' list. Thank you Sir!

Check it out here



Absolute Powerpop have put our album 'Everything's Fine' at number 25 in their top 100 albums of 2015..

Check it out here



Thanks to 'Broken Hearted Toy' for including the new album in their favorite album list of 2015

Check it out here